WILSEN wireless ultrasonic sensor WS-UCC4000

WILSEN wireless ultrasonic sensor WS-UCC4000

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Select now to get this sensor directly into your MZC LoRaWAN® network and display it in your visualisation platform B.One Gallery.
Requirement: You already have a ZENNER IoT GatewayPLUS SMART, ZENNER IoT GatewayPLUS Indoor or IoT GatewayPLUS Outdoor with the activated ZENNER IoT PLUG&PLAY Option.
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Wireless ultrasonic sensor with LoRaWAN® interface WS-UCC4000 The wireless ultrasonic sensor... more

Wireless ultrasonic sensor with LoRaWAN® interface WS-UCC4000

The wireless ultrasonic sensor can be used for remote monitoring of fill level.
The fill level, but also other parameters such as geo data and sensor status data, are measured or recorded in configurable time intervals and
transmitted to a counterpart in the LoRa network from where they are available for pure display or further processing.
The sensor is parameterised via a Bluetooth interface using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and the WILSEN app belonging to the sensor.

  • Battery operated
  • Data transfer via LoRaWAN
  • Bluetooth interface for commissioning, parameterization and diagnostics

Technical specifications:

  • Technology : LoRaWAN - Class A
  • Frequency : EU868
  • Configuration : App, Bluetooth
  • Compatibility (Parser) : Element Certified
  • Activation : OTAA
  • Join Request : App, Hard Reset
  • Rejoin : App, Hard Reset
  • Protection class : IP67, IP66
  • Power supply : Battery-replaceable
Device type: Sensor Plug'n'Play
Technology: LoRaWAN
Usage: Indoor, Load Carriers & Containers, Outdoor, Retrofit, Machines
Application: Filling level measurement, Tanküberwachung
Industry: Construction, Smart Factory & Industry 4.0, Transport & Logistics
Protection classification: IP67
Sensors: Filling/Water level, Füllstand
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