Level probe for groundwater monitoring LoRaWAN

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  • SM1110-ARC-1-Tube
The ARC-1 Tube is a data logger suitable for direct installation in 2" level tubes. It transmits... more

The ARC-1 Tube is a data logger suitable for direct installation in 2" level tubes. It transmits the collected data of the connected level probe once or several times a day via LoRaWAN.

The matching level probe series 36 Xi W offers highest accuracy and resolution:

  • Pressure ranges for 3, 10, 30, 100, 300 mH2O
  • Accuracy 0.02 %FS
  • RS485 (and SDI-12) interface

Typical areas of application are

  • Groundwater level monitoring
  • Flood Early Warning System
  • Tank level monitoring

Functions and special features

  • Data logger: 56,000 measuring points as buffer for energy-saving data transmission (e.g. only once a day)
  • Battery operated with a service life of up to 10 years
  • High data security due to integrated memory
  • Robust, stainless metal housing
  • Protection class IP68 (transmission does not work under water)
  • Remote transmission unit modules LoRaWAN
  • Internal measured variables: Barometer, temperature and humidity sensor and real-time clock (RTC)
Device Type: Sensor Plug'n'Play
Connectivity: LoRaWAN
Usage: Outdoor
Application: Distance measurement, Filling level measurement, Leakage detection
Protection classification: IP68
Industry: Agriculture & Agricultural Engineering, Public & Private Utilities, Smart City
Sensors: Filling/Water level
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