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Decentlab Druck, Pegel- und Temperatursensor DL-PR26 LoRaWAN-Seitenansicht

Decentlab Pressure, Level and Temperature Sensor DL-PR26 LoRaWAN®

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Decentlab Pressure, Level and Temperature Sensor DL-PR26 with LoRaWAN ® The Decentlab DL-PR26... more

Decentlab Pressure, Level and Temperature Sensor DL-PR26 with LoRaWAN®

The Decentlab DL-PR26 is suitable for outdoor use and enables remote monitoring of water levels in open waters, tank levels, groundwater levels and various other applications.
It measures the pressure at the sensor head relative to the pressure at the instrument housing. Under water, the relative pressure indicates the depth of the sensor head, with 1 bar corresponding exactly to 10 m. The temperature is also recorded.

The data is transmitted to the corresponding backend via LoRaWAN®. The transmission interval can be individually configured via downlink OTA.

Due to the weatherproof and robust housing in combination with the long battery life, maintenance-free real-time monitoring can be carried out for several years.

Areas of application:

  • Level/depth monitoring in liquid tanks or in wells.
  • Groundwater level monitoring
  • Water depth and temperature monitoring in flowing or open water
  • Relative pressure measurement

Performance characteristics:

Sensor head dimensions: length 74mm and diameter 21mm
Housing dimensions (L x W x H): 135mm x 81mm x 70mm (without sensor/cable)
IP protection class: housing IP66/67; sensor IP68
Operating temperature: -20℃ to +50℃.
Ambient humidity: 0% to 100% RH
Device class: Class A
Communication: LoRaWAN® standard
Activation: OTAA, ABP
Transmit power: +14dBm, ADR
Power supply: replaceable 2x alkaline C battery (LR14)
Battery life: 11.6 years (60min transmission interval, SF12)
Available frequency: EU868
Measuring interval: 10min, configurable
Cable length: 10m

Device type: Sensor Plug'n'Play
Technology: LoRaWAN
Usage: Outdoor
Application: Filling level measurement, Pressure Measurement, Temperature measurement
Protection classification: IP66, IP67, IP68
Industry: Agriculture & Agricultural Engineering, Public & Private Utilities, Smart Agriculture & Farming, Smart Factory & Industry 4.0
Sensors: Filling/Water level, Pressure, Temperature
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