CleverCity Greenbox Compact 3 time switch for controlling street lighting

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Greenbox Compact 3 - Intelligent LoRaWAN ® -enabled timer for controlling street lighting... more

Greenbox Compact 3 - Intelligent LoRaWAN®-enabled timer for controlling street lighting

Greenbox Compact 3 is an intelligent time switch with an astronomical calendar and LoRaWAN® radio interface. It is used for intelligent, modern control of street lighting. Greenbox Compact replaces existing conventional audio frequency ripple control receivers.

The switching on and off of the connected street lighting is either controlled by the astronomical calendar stored in the Greenbox or by means of a LoRaWAN® command. The exact time is automatically synchronized between the server and the Greenbox Compact via the LoRaWAN® interface.

Switching commands are transferred via the LoRaWAN® interface. The switching commands can either be sent to individual devices (single mast control) or as real synchronous group commands (string control).

The parameterization of the Greenboxes can also be set and read out via the LoRaWAN interface. A current measurement checks the function of the consumer (e.g. defective lamp). Switching changes or errors are automatically sent as a LoRa message.

The Greenbox Compact is 1: 1 connector compatible with standard ripple control receivers available on the market (e.g. Landis + Gyr RCR 131 or Langmatz EK 593) and complies with the current EN and IEC standards.


  • Can be used for single mast or group control
  • Simple assembly as it is compatible with standard TRE's
  • DIN rail mounting is possible as an option
  • Automatic time synchronization
  • Up to 8 switching programs available
  • Integrated power measurement (enables functional testing of the consumer)
  • USB-C interface for configuration
  • Can also be used as a simple time switch without LoRaWAN® functionality
  • Sealable
  • LED operating status display
  • Protection class IP32

Scope of delivery:

  • Greenbox Compact 3

Accessories (to be ordered separately)

  • Mast antenna with 4 m cable for mast diameter 80-140 mm (ANT140), Order number 172726 (see also tab "Accessories")
  • optional: DIN rail adapter for Greenbox Compact (GBC3-DIN), Order number 173291 (see also tab "Accessories")
  • optional: Standard SMA angled antenna (ANT100), Order number 173292 (see also tab "Accessories")

Video on the ZENNER Youtube channel:

LoRaWAN: Smart Lighting with the Internet of Things

Device type: Adapter & Retrofit, Sensor Plug'n'Play
Sensors: Light/Brightness
Technology: LoRaWAN
Usage: Indoor
Industry: Public & Private Utilities, Smart City
Application: Lighting
Protection classification: IP32
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